Portrait picture of Lauren, a white woman with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Hey, I'm Lauren –

Pacific Northwest native living at the foot of the Alps 🏔

I design and create products at the intersection of human needs, business goals, and technical feasibility. With over 12 years specializing in interaction, UX, and digital product design, my job is to help bring ideas to life. I have a strong technical background with an eye for design systems, delightful experiences, and wholistic product ecosystems.

A proud Pacific Northwest native, I spent my university and young professional years in and around Seattle. After graduating from WWU, I started my career at Boeing before continuing my tour of Seattle's mega-corporations at Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Expedia.

Now living in Munich, I tasted startup culture at Freeletics for a few years before moving into consultancy work at IDEO. Outside of work, I'm slowly learning German and eating a lot of pretzels. Regardless of which side of the Atlantic I'm on, I can be found cooking for friends and family, participating in a number of different sports, or practicing life drawing around town.

Lauren is currently creating positive impact through design @ IDEO