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Image of a macbook pro with a mockup of a travel website displayed on the screen. Next to the mackbook is a super-imposed image of a pop-up modal design displaying information about ecredits

How might we improve the airline eCredit redemption process?


Often when travelers book an airline ticket, they are not booking a refundable fare class. One option that airlines provide to customers is the ability to cancel that ticket and get an airline eCredit for to apply to a later trip. We refer to these credits as Unused Tickets. On the Egencia Homepage, we display a module called Unused Ticket Tracker to inform Clients and Travel Agents how many airline credits they have, the credit value, and for which airline.

After conducting interviews and collecting client feedback, we discovered very frustrating experiences with the Unused Ticket Tracker. Agents needed to use multiple tools and legacy pages to complete their tasks related to eCredits, the concept of Unused Tickets was too confusing for clients to self-serve, and companies were literally losing money when these eCredits expired.


1. Empower Travel Agents with clearer interactions
  • Many Agents did not realize that the Unused Ticket Tracker was clickable and contained all the relevant data they needed inside a modal popup.
  • Agents instead would navigate to the legacy profile page of the traveler they were trying to book for in order to complete their tasks, which slowed them down immensely.
2. Clarify information hierarchy
  • Interviews with our Clients also revealed opportunities to alleviate confusion around the presentation of data.
3. Add educational content
  • The current design does not inform the user what to do or how to use an unused ticket.
  • Empower users to self-serve as much as possible to help save money for their companies.

Prior view of the Unused Ticket Tracker for a Travel Agent


Lead designer for Homepage

Conducting user interviews and collecting feedback

I interviewed a dozen of our Egencia travel agents to learn more about Unused Tickets in general, what their work flow looked like, and where problems surfaced in their experience.

Applying insights to the new designs

The interview insights heavily informed the direction of the designs, resulting in many low fidelity prototypes and visual iterations to get the details just right. Once we had a near-finished design, we were actually able to re-interview a few of the agents to collect feedback on the new direction.


Minimal improvements with big payoffs

By improving the design of the Unused Ticket Tracker module for all site visitors that have an airline credit available, Travel Agent productivity will increase and the number of clients redeeming these credits will also increase.

Including the Clients and Travel Agents in the design process was invaluable to the design solution. We were able to address nearly all of their issues with the experience and create a scalable solution for extreme edge-cases (like Agents managing accounts with hundreds of eCredits).

Prototype of one of the initial designs for Client users

Prototype of one of the initial designs for Client users.

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Giving our Agents some love

Overall this has been a huge win for our Agents. Handling Unused Tickets is one of their most common tasks and it is extremely time-consuming. With this new design, we have noticeably decreased time-on-task and have received lots of positive feedback from the agent team.

On the Client side, we added more educational content and surfaced more relevant information which will hopefully encourage our primary users to redeem their credits.

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