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How might we serve mindfulness content to students, athletes, teams, and organizations?


In 2019, friends of ours approached me and my partner for advice on how to create a sellable package for their new business. The pitch: provide content to youth sports teams to help train their mind and attitude at a young age, to ensure healthy habits and resilient minds in the future. The content provided tools to overcome adversity, challenges, and conflict in healthy and productive ways.

We worked together with them to design, build, strategize, and launch a V0 product that served all the content online, and later, launched a refined version of the product that allowed for fully automated online purchasing.


Product, design, and technology expert

Conceptualizing and building the MVP

As the expert on the team, I worked with the founders to refine their branding and establish a scalable system of fonts and colors, designed and developed the full website and eCommerce store, and created a content model to build the mindfulness programing into the CMS.

Setting up systems, tools, and documentation for the team to scale

I did not want to be the gate keeper for keeping the product up to date or onboarding new clients, so I trained up other people on the team and wrote detailed documentation to maintain the site and other company assets. I also helped the team build foundational business frameworks around tools and systems.


First-to-market web product

The cofounders already had all of the content they needed for multiple programs, ranging from worksheets, coloring pages, animated lessons, and mobility videos. All they needed now was a way to deliver it. I built a responsive, CMS-driven layout that serves all the content to our clients, with room to scale more offerings.

Knowing that this is the V1 of The Mindful Project, there were a lot of aspects that we couldn't achieve right away (like account management and profiles), but we would tackle later with adequate time and investment.

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Screenshot of the TMP client portal displaying video content and external resource links

Example of the client portal, showing the content of one chapter. Each session of the program has different tasks to complete, and with the High Performance Program, clients also get access to additional curated resources for continued education on the session topic.


Dozens of teams & organizations are investing in mindfulness

Since the launch of the High Performance curriculum in the fall of 2020, we now provide mindfulness programing for 25 clients, including 15 university programs, multiple national teams, professional clubs, and youth organizations, all of which represent almost 10 different sports.

Our clients to continue to report positive feedback about the impact of our content on their sports programs. Additionally, The Mindful Project's name recognition continues to grow across the US, as we've been able to connect with universities and athletic programs from coast to coast.

The success of our first two years have also provided opportunities for us to expand into a corporate curriculum, and we're now able to offer programming from Keynote Speaking to Team Building. Visit the website below to see it live and be sure to reach out if this programing might be helpful for you!

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