Running Data on Apple Watch


Two apple watches entwined together displaying screens of a new Run experience

How might we serve our Runners more data during their runs?


The Free Run workout on our Apple Watch app is the most selected single workout. Our users really love it, but we know our data and run interactions could be better. During our March 2021 Hackathon week, we decided to make some major improvements to this feature!


1. Build auto-pause
  • This is now a table-stakes feature for a running app and we needed to build and add it.
2. Create interval screen
  • Introduce an interval screen during the run to celebrate split times.
3. Add more metrics
  • Bring in and display new metrics for our runners, like cadence, split times, average pace, and converting meters into kilometers.


Hackathon team designer

Rapidly iterating and delivering buildable designs

This was a hackathon! My role on the hack team was to design multiple new features on the Apple Watch in about two days. We wanted to push the design but still finish the build. I also presented our work to the company.


And the winner is...

....Run Data on Apple Watch! On Friday, each of the 12 teams presented their Hackathon project to the company. There were SO many great projects accomplished in such a short amount of time – tackling many ideas, both within the company (how can we create a better onboarding experience for our new hires?) and within the product (what if we created "I'm feelin' lucky" style workouts?). However, there can only be one winner, and our team was voted #1! Here are the final features and designs:

• Auto-pause
• New run metrics
• Split screen celebrations
• Post-run summary and celebration
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Ship it

Since many of the features we built over the Hackathon addressed several user pain points, our iOS developer spent a few hours post-hack cleaning up everything we built. Now, auto-pause, run summary, interval celebrations, and a new pause screen with current metrics are all available on the beta version of the Freeletics Apple Watch app. Download the app and take it for a Free Run today!

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