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How might we create a self-service tool for travel managers to locate their travelers as fast as possible?

Design lead

Traveler Risk Management is a unique space within the managed travel industry. At Egencia, part of the Duty of Care offering includes risk management tools that allow clients to set policies for their travel program, such as limiting the number of their Leadership Team traveling on the same aircraft, display high priority news alerts from around the world, and provide a way for the client to locate their travelers around the world in real-time.

I took over design for this project in July 2017 and was part of the team when we shipped the Pilot to a handful of clients (Nov 2017) and the MVP to the rest of our clients (early 2018). We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, further validating the feature set we intended to build.

Screenshot of a map of Europe and western Asia with clustered map pins indicating the number of travelers in each area
Region search feature
Region Search

Incorporating user feedback

The current version of the primary product, Traveler Tracker, allows a client’s Travel Manager to search for and display travelers on a map and in a table list. In the latest release, we shipped one of the most highly requested features: Region Search. Prior to this feature, if an unforeseen event happened (major weather event, strike, terrorist attack, etc.) that spanned multiple cities, states, or regions, a user would have to run a search for each individual city affected and manually combine the results offline in order to know who to contact. Searching by region was the most requested feature since the MVP release, and now, users can simply lasso an area on the map and run a search within that boundary. This feature was demoed in London at the Business Travel Show in Feb 2019.

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Early wireframes of the Region Search feature

The below image shows some of the interactions available with Region Search. The circular lasso displays the distance from the center point of the circle in either km or miles. Users can also use a rectangular selector.

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Improving an already reliable product

Before decommissioning the legacy product, and before the rollout of Region Search, we received a high volume of feedback on the need for region or country search functionality. Following the release of Region Search, feedback on search functionality stopped, and Account teams indicated that the new feature solves a strong majority of client use cases. As of February 2019, 23% of searches were a Region Search and 77% were a city search.

Traveler Risk Management has been one of the most interesting products I've ever had the privilege to support. There are a handful of exciting features upcoming, and lots of opportunities to solve big, strategic problems.

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